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Computer Repair Services

We provide computer laptop repair services

If you don’t know what is wrong with your computer or laptop and is running too slow or it does not turn on we can troubleshoot and diagnose the problem starting at $35 dollars.  After we find out what the problem is then we will give you a complete quote on how much it will be to repair your computer.

This fees are based when work is done at our store:

Basic Troubleshoot and diagnosis of laptop or computer $35 dollars

Advanced Troubleshooting of Laptops $85 dollars 
Disassembly of the whole laptop to check motherboard and other components

Basic Virus spyware removal $85 dollars.  We will install powerful virus and spyware detection software and if this software is not able to remove your virus, which most of the time it will be able to do. Then we will recommend a clean installation of your Operating System (OS)

Clean installation of the OS from factory partition of computer $65 dollars.  Most newer computers have a partition on the hard drive that can be used to restore computer back to factory settings.

Clean installation of the OS from our factory CD or DVD  $95 dollars.  This includes the installation of free Antivirus software and the computer drives.  The drivers available from the manufacturer.  We will not be responsible for drivers not available by manufacturer.

Data backup of computer $25 dollars for every 50GB If data is over 100GB we will give you better pricing for performing the backup.  Also, we will only backup the data files and we can’t backup programs that are installed on computer. For example, if a program is installed in your C:\Program Files\… if you backup those programs they will not work on your computer when you restore the files back to your computer.  The reason why these programs don’t work is because when the program gets installed it writes files to your windows registry and other windows folders.  And the best way to restore the program is by installing the software from the install software from the program.